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Our Story

Innovation is the key

With its innovative power, reliability and superior service quality, International Group Nacar's success story begins in 1994 in Izmir, a great city of the most beautiful and open-minded people of Turkey. Since then, International Group Nacar (IGN) has been continuing its operations in different fields of skincare, health and aesthetics industry. In all sectors including private label cosmetics manufacturing, International Group Nacar has been well known as an innovator and reliable partner for its customers and partners.

Commitment To Excellence

International Group Nacar is a family run business. Now managed by the second generation, International Group Nacar have been distributing aesthetic devices and cosmetic products in Turkey from the most famous brands all over the world at the beginning of its journey. During the past 25 years, IGN has invested in different sub-fields within the same industry, ranging from beauty and aesthetic clinics to health tourism, beauty academies to medical centres.

For over 25 years and still counting, aesthetic device and cosmetic distribution was the core business of the group. With the joining of the second generation managers, Bekir Nacar and Berkin Efe Nacar, who are both engineers, IGN has transformed into a research and development company with large production capacities as well as low MOQ quantity advantages thanks to the innovative approach of these young gentlemen. Furthermore, IGN has forwarded all other operations into its sister company in recent years.

Today, International Group Nacar (IGN) has an R&D laboratory and a GMP certified production facility, offering private label skincare manufacturing solutions to personal care and cosmetic companies from all over the world, mainly the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and more.

Our Brands and Companies

Our Values and Quality Code

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