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Our Brands and Companies

Reliable Partner With Strong Roots

International Group Nacar or IGN has its own sub-companies and brands, mostly related to cosmeceutical development and production. IGN’s production facility is GMP certified by Government of Health, which is considered the hardest to achieve, where only 17 factories holds in all Turkey. The production facility is equipped with various production machines including automatic tube filling machine and semi-automatic filling machine, various production boilers in order to offer production service for small and large quantity orders.


Eslab is the brand of the laboratory developing all the innovative creams, masks, serums, gels etc. Eslab facilities is a highly invested laboratory with GLP (good laboratory practice) standards. Eslab laboratories has its own clean room and has in house stability test facilities along with HEPA filter facility that can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Esderma MD and Other Cosmetic Brands

Our own cosmeceutical brand, designed for clinics and doctors, have more than 50 products including professional range. We also have different brands for pharmacies and cosmetic shops.

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Estech Global

Our own aesthetic device brand with a device range of lasers, body reshaping devices and skincare devices. Designed by our engineers.

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Stria Stop Ultrasonic Stretch Mark Removal System

Our collaboration project with a German partner, we’re developing and producing the solutions and dermocosmetics of this stretch mark removal method.

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